Jardine Hansen

I think of flower arranging like painting or sculpture, you have to consider form, balance, depth, movement, colour. But the best arrangements come together quickly and effortlessly and don’t feel too contrived.

Swarm catching with a skep, late 19th or early 20th century, France, via Honey Fingers.

Excerpt from “Barbara Hepworth. A Pictorial Autobiography” (1970), via Rika Magazine.

George Nakashima’s bathroom, penny tile patterns by his grandchildren, 1977.

Bronwyn Birdsall

I loved that aspect of life in Sarajevo, a city of so many interweaving stories, where you’ll hear bits and pieces from different people about the same incident for years.

Opal fields at White Cliffs, NSW. Photo: Bruce Doherty (c. 1991).

Fay Halkitis

It always felt like I was on the right path so I just trusted my gut feeling and kept building my dream of having my own store where people like myself could indulge in skincare and cosmetics but with the knowledge that every product they pick up is safe and natural.

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