Fay Halkitis

It always felt like I was on the right path so I just trusted my gut feeling and kept building my dream of having my own store where people like myself could indulge in skincare and cosmetics but with the knowledge that every product they pick up is safe and natural.

Romney wool jumper handspun in Auckland by Jill, hand knitted by her neighbour Rosemary. Designed by (and photo:) Harriet Were.

Alana Wilson

Ceramics is quite a slow medium. To make new works for a show or a project takes several months or more to develop from ideas to reality. Usually there will be a few ideas and projects at different stages and I’ll work on them simultaneously. Conceptual and visual languages tend to flow on from one project to another, there’s always a cyclical and reflective approach to creating new work.

Still from Le Rayon Vert, Eric Rohmer (1986)
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