Danika Murphy

I spend the majority of my time cooking. I love working on new recipes and testing them out on my friends and family. They call me the feeder, if you come around to my house I will feed you lots of food and you will go home extremely full.

Jardine Hansen

I think of flower arranging like painting or sculpture, you have to consider form, balance, depth, movement, colour. But the best arrangements come together quickly and effortlessly and don’t feel too contrived.

Lindy Tualima

I have the best memories of my arms wrapped around huge bundles of intoxicating flowers and massive branches and bunches of foliage.

Alana Wilson

Ceramics is quite a slow medium. To make new works for a show or a project takes several months or more to develop from ideas to reality. Usually there will be a few ideas and projects at different stages and I’ll work on them simultaneously. Conceptual and visual languages tend to flow on from one project to another, there’s always a cyclical and reflective approach to creating new work.

Anna Henry

My second shed studio wasn’t glamorous either, it was underneath the house in Austinmer, but with a few lamps and a few hanging curtains is was as good as any space to paint.

Belinda Black

I remember a burst water main in the back of Brooklyn on a stinking hot summer day and we literally stopped the car and ran through it along with half the neighbourhood kids.

Fay Halkitis

It always felt like I was on the right path so I just trusted my gut feeling and kept building my dream of having my own store where people like myself could indulge in skincare and cosmetics but with the knowledge that every product they pick up is safe and natural.

Mav Georgeson

We keep things fairly simple in our daily routine creating balance to suit all our needs including play, movement, time in nature and the space to rest. Nourishing with whole food and spending quality time with family and friends are priorities.

Bronwyn Birdsall

I loved that aspect of life in Sarajevo, a city of so many interweaving stories, where you’ll hear bits and pieces from different people about the same incident for years.